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Procedure documentation Scheduling the Payment Program and Payment Medium Programs Jointly Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To be able to execute the payment program and payment medium program jointly, you must have entered the payment medium program variants. You can read how to do this in Running the Payment and Payment Medium Programs.

To schedule the payment and payment medium programs jointly, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Edit ® Payments ® Schedule payment.
  2. Enter the start date and time for the background job in the additional window.
  3. Select the option With print programs.
  4. Select ENTER .


The documents generated by the payment program are first saved to the log file and then posted later. This makes it possible for all documents to be available only a short time after the end of the payment run.

Some payment medium programs require information from the posted documents for form printing, with others you can switch on a check of the posted documents with parameter settings. In these cases, you must first ensure that the programs only start if all payment documents are posted. This can only be guaranteed if the payment medium programs are separately scheduled for a later point in time.

In the status display, you can see how many documents were created and how many of those have already been posted.




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