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Procedure documentation Executing the Payment Medium Programs Separately Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Always ensure that the payment run and ensuing postings have been successfully completed before starting the payment medium program. In the status display, you can see how many documents were created and how many of them have already been posted.

You must have your required variants already defined in the system for the payment medium program. To learn how to define these variants, read Creating a Payment Medium Report Variant.

The following steps describe how to execute the payment medium programs separately from the payment run. If you have already entered variants for the payment medium programs, skip to step 4 below.

  1. Choose Edit ® Print Programs from the Automatic Payment Transactions screen. You then reach the screen for entering variants.
  2. Check whether the required variants have been entered. If not, enter the variants created for the data medium exchange into the corresponding payment medium program.
  3. Choose Parameters ® Save. You will again reach the Automatic Payment Transactions screen.
  4. In the Automatic Payment Transactions screen, choose Edit ® Payments ® Schedule print.... A dialog box appears.
  5. Enter the required start date and specify the job name.

The program will now generate, for each variant, separate files in the output controller where you select and print them separately. The numbers of the generated print requests can be found in the print run log.

  1. Choose System ® Services ® Output controller. You will then reach a screen from which you can access the print requests. If necessary, reset the date to the print run start date.
  2. Choose Spool request ® List. The next screen lists the print requests.
  3. For each job, enter the corresponding form and position the cursor in the system on the appropriate print job. If several printer connections exist, you will be able to carry out several print jobs simultaneously by selecting them as well.
  4. Choose Display to view the forms on your monitor.
  5. Choose Spool request ® Print to print the forms.

Files may also be generated for data medium exchange. You can access DME administration via Environment ® DME administration. You can access further information on DME administration under Data Medium Exchange and Data Medium Administration.




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