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Variants contain a series of selection criteria that separate the payment dataset. Each variant called up in a payment medium program triggers a separate print request in the output controller or creates a separate file in DME administration. Each print request is displayed in print administration. You can call up the print jobs individually for printing.


You execute a payment run for payment methods "check" and "order check" using program RFFOD__S. The payment program creates a print file for this payment run. Since each payment method uses specific forms, you define a separate selection variant for each payment method for the print program RFFOD__S. The system creates a print request for each variant:

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When creating variants for the payment medium programs, you should always leave the fields for the run identification, run date and proposal run blank. These fields are always filled automatically with the appropriate data for the run in question.

You can find more detailed information on print control and using forms in Forms.




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