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Procedure documentation Changing Line Items Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In online editing of line items, you can:

To make these changes, position the cursor on the line item you want to change, and choose Edit ® Change.

Blocking/Unblocking Line Items

To block open items for this payment run, enter a block indicator in the Payment block field and choose Continue .

A blocked line item is indicated in the list display with an arrow (<--). This means that the open item no longer belongs to the payment. If you now display the list of payments by pressing F3 (BACK) , you see that the blocked line item has been transferred into the group of exceptions and the outgoing payment has been reduced by the corresponding amount.

To reset a block indicator, position the cursor on the exception list in question and select Choose . Position the cursor on the items that you want to unblock and choose Edit ® Change. Overwrite the block indicator in the dialog box.


In a payment proposal, you can set and delete only those block indicators that can be edited. Block indicators that can be edited are determined in Customizing.

Changing the Cash Discount Amount or the Cash Discount Rate

To change the cash discount amount, place the cursor on the Cash discount field or the days for cash discount, and change the amount.

Assigning Line Items to Another Payment

You can remove line items from one payment and assign them to another one. To do this, choose Reassign in the change dialog box. If there are other payments for this account in the proposal, the system will list the payments to which you can assign the item. Select one of the displayed payment methods by selecting Choose .

You can even create a new payment for the item. To do this, choose New payment , and enter the payment method, house bank, and account into the fields provided. If no other payment exists for the account, you will have to create a new payment to assign the item to.

After you choose Continue , the system checks whether your entries correspond to the payment program configuration. If they do not, an error message appears.

Open items you assign to another payment are indicated by an arrow (<--) in the list displayed. The arrow indicates that this item will be removed from the current payment and transferred to another, once you save the data.

If you return to the first list level from the open item display, you can see the newly added payments. These are marked with an arrow (-->) prior to saving the changes.

Changes you make become effective only if you save them.

Blocking All Items of a Payment

If you want to block all items of a payment, you can do this by choosing Block all.


When making changes to a lot of open items, you should save your data frequently. By choosing Environment ® Line item changes, you can display the change history and also see which changes are not saved yet.






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