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You can edit line items for a payment or an exception list at a second list level. You can use the following functions to help you edit line items:

To edit line items of a payment, double-click the desired payment line.

The system then displays the open items of this payment on another screen.

Sorting Line Items

To sort open items, choose Edit ® Sort. This brings up an additional window where you can sort the line items according to four criteria and define a sequence (see "Sorting Payments" in Editing Payments).

Searching for Line Items

To search for particular open items, choose Edit ® Find. Select a search criterion and enter the desired values or value ranges (see "Searching for Payments" in Editing Payments).

Changing the Line Layout

To change the line layout, choose Settings ® Line Layout, and select the required line layout variant. There are four variants delivered with the standard system.


The standard setting for the sort, find, change line layout, and display totals functions depends on your system configuration. You can change it in Customizing.




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