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Procedure documentation Changing Payments Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In editing payments online, you can change the:

To do this, position the cursor on the payment you want to change, and choose Edit ® Change. The system displays a dialog box in which you can change the payment method and house bank.

Changing the Payment Method

To change the payment method, simply enter a new indicator, and then choose Continue.

The system checks whether your entry is permissible. If it is not, an error message appears. You can only use payment methods:

Changing the House Bank

To change the paying house bank, enter the required bank name and account ID. Then, choose Continue.

The system checks whether the selected bank was set up in Customizing. If not, an error message appears.

Changes you make are only effective once you save them.


When making changes to a lot of payments, you should save your data frequently. By choosing Environment ® Payment changes, you can display the change history and also see which changes have not yet been saved.

Changing a Payment Due Date

You can enter a new payment due date. The new date cannot be before the payment run date or - except for bill of exchange payments - be more than 30 days after the payment run.




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