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You can use the following functions to help you edit payments:

To process payments, choose Edit ® Proposal ® Edit proposal. The system displays a dialog box in which you can choose whether to edit every payment (all clerks) or only those for which you are responsible (clerk ID code).

The payments selected are then listed on the next screen (list level 1). One line item is displayed per payment. If there are any exceptions for an account (for example, blocked items), an additional line item appears in the list.

Sorting Payments

You can sort payments by certain criteria. To do this, choose Edit ® Sort. Choose the desired sort criteria and sequence.

You can select up to four fields as sort criteria. To do this, either enter the numbers 1 through 4 in the respective fields, or double-click in each field in the appropriate order (the number one will appear in the first field selected, the number two in the second, and so on).

Searching for Payments

You can shorten the payment list by searching for particular payments. To do this, choose Edit ® Find. Select the type of payment field you want to search for, for example, Amount paid in local currency. In the dialog box that follows, enter the appropriate values or value ranges.

The system now searches for the payments you searched for and displays these in a list. To narrow down the number of payments still further, choose Edit ® Find again, and enter a further search criterion, for example, Payment method.

Changing the Line Layout

To change the line layout, choose Settings ® Line layout, and then select the desired line layout in the dialog box.

Totals Display

You can display the total of proposed payments using four summarization levels. To do this, choose Goto ® Display totals. You can then select the desired summarization level.

Select the required summarization level and choose ENTER . To list the summarization levels in another sort sequence, choose Edit ® Sort. A window appears in which you can change the sequence of the totals display.

To enter the sequence in the respective fields, enter the numbers 1-4 manually, or place your cursor in each field and select Choose. Alternatively, enter the numbers by double-clicking in each field.


The standard settings for the Sort, Find, Change line layout, and Display totals functions depends on your system configuration, and can be changed in Customizing.





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