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Procedure documentation Entering Additional Specifications for a Bill of Exchange Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In countries such as France, Spain, and Italy, bills of exchange are issued directly after the invoice is issued.

When paying by bill of exchange, additional specifications are required, according to which variants were set during customizing. The issue date must, however, always be specified. The payment date appears here as a proposal figure.

For bills of exchange in countries such as France, Spain, and Italy, one of the following procedures is set during Customizing:

If the latter procedure is set, you must specify the periods in the payment run and the bill of exchange due date for each period.

If you do not specify a due date for the bill of exchange, the system calculates one automatically. This calculation results in the average due date of all the invoices in that period.


To enter bill of exchange data, on the Automatic Payment Transactions screen, choose Edit ® Bill of exchange data, then choose Continue.



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