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Background documentation Checks/Bills of Exchange Payable: Payment Program Settings Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If the payment program is used to pay by check/bill of exchange, the bill of exchange is printed but not posted.

The bill of exchange does not need to be posted since you first send it to the vendor together with the check and wait for it to be returned. The payment program only supplies the data for printing the bill of exchange.

For the payment method "check/bill of exchange", the following special features are to be noted for the payment program:

The payment method must be classified as a payment method for check/bill of exchange.

The issue date and due date for the bill of exchange are entered by the payment program into the bill of exchange. You must specify them as a parameter for the payment run.

The payment program must enter a bank and a bank account number on the bill of exchange. When defining the ranking order of the banks, you can specify the bank and the bank account number for the payment method "check/bill of exchange" (see the figure below). To do this, specify the key for your house bank and the key for the corresponding bank account. The bank may be different from the bank on which the check is issued. If no bank details for the check/bill of exchange are available, the payment program also enters in the bill of exchange the bank for the check.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You must specify which form is used for check/bill of exchange when making the specifications for the payment methods in each company code. See the figure Form Printing Specifications (1).





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