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Bank Accounts and Bank Clearing Accounts

When you use a bill of exchange to settle a payable, this payable is converted into a bill of exchange payable. The payment program clears the original payable from the vendor account and posts a bill payable to this account at the same time.

Two further postings are also created automatically for the bill of exchange posting depending on the system configuration: The first of these is a posting to a bank subaccount. This account displays the bill liability for each bank. It allows you to monitor when an outflow of funds is to be expected. The offsetting entry is made to a corresponding clearing account, so that the document has a zero balance. The posting to the bank subaccount is especially necessary for the Cash Management and Forecast application component, which is thus informed about the expected outflow of funds due to payment by bill of exchange.

If you want the payment program to create these postings, you must select the option Post bill liability to the bank in the company code specifications for the payment method. (In Company Code-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Graphic, you can see the settings for the payment method Check. When viewing data for the payment method Bills of exchange, you see that additional fields are displayed for bills of exchange).

You should define the numbers of the accounts according to the company code, bank, payment method and currency in question. See the figure Bank Subaccounts for the Payment Program.

Issue Date and Due Date (Date of Maturity)

The payment program enters the issue date and due date (day of expiration) into the bill of exchange. You can specify both dates manually during the payment run.

Additional Posting Specifications

You should define the special G/L indicator required by the payment program for a bill of exchange posting to the vendor account when you make the country-related specifications for the payment method. See Country-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Graphic (3)

The posting keys that the payment program needs for bank postings, posting the bill payable to the vendor account and the bill liability to the bank are already specified in the standard system.



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