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Function documentation Consistency Checks: Payment Program Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


During configuration of the payment program the checks usually carried out in the SAP System are performed. This includes a check as to whether the keys entered are defined in the system. If necessary the system issues a warning or error message.


You enter a document type for the payment postings that has not yet been defined. The system will issue an error message. If, however, you have specified for the bank posting a bank subaccount that has not yet been created, the system merely warns you.

After configuration of the payment program, you can have the system run a consistency check. During this, the system checks whether keys were entered during the configuration of the payment program that have since been deleted from the system.


You enter a business area for the bank posting. If you then delete this business area, you should also remove the corresponding entry from the payment program configuration. The consistency check shows you the appropriate key.

During the consistency check, the system runs the same checks as it did for the configuration.

You can request an additional log for the payment run. If the program did not settle certain open items, the reasons for this are detailed in this log. You can decide how to rectify the situation on the basis of this information.




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