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The payment program checks whether the selected bank accounts have sufficient funds for payment.

For your accounts at the house banks you can specify available amounts separately for incoming payments and outgoing payments (see the figure below). For outgoing payments, you define the size of the amount that can be paid. For incoming payments, you specify the amount up to which such payments can be made to a bank account. If this limit is exceeded, the payment program selects another bank. The specifications you make concerning available amounts determine which bank account should pay. You should ensure that these amounts are up-to-date before every payment run.

The payment program does not carry out amount splitting. If the amount on a bank account is not sufficient for a payment, the payment program selects another bank account. If it finds no bank account from which it can post the entire amount for a payment, it does not carry out the payment.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You can specify the amounts based on currency and probable value date (days) at the bank. The value dates are the difference between the posting date of the payment run and the probable value date (value date at the bank).


You can use value dates to plan available amounts on a graduated time scale. You generally only need this facility if you post payments by bill of exchange before the due date. In all other cases, you can enter 999 .

The specified value dates are the maximums in each case.




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