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Background documentation Selecting the House Bank Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You specify which house banks are allowed for every payment method or, if you prefer, for both payment method and currency. You should sort this list of permissible banks in ranking order according to priority. See the figure below, (1). For every combination of payment method and house bank, specify via which bank account (for example giro or foreign exchange account) the payment should be made. See the figure below, (2).

For every account at a house bank, specify the amounts that are available for the payment run. See the figure below, (3).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The payment program determines the house bank in the same sequence:

  1. First it determines the bank ID (house banks) based on the payment method and currency. If it finds no entry for the combination, it checks the bank for payment method without currency specification, if such an entry exists.
  2. It determines the account ID on the basis of the bank ID, the payment method and the currency.
  3. Finally, it finds out whether sufficient amounts are available for both bank ID and account ID.

During the payment run the payment program therefore attempts to determine a house bank and a bank account that has a sufficient amount available for payment. This may result in the following possibilities:




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