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For payment transactions you need house banks and possibly the bank details of your customers/vendors. House banks are banks with which your company code maintains accounts. To find out how to define your house banks, see Structure link Configuring the System Using the Implementation Guide. Depending on the payment method used, you may/may not require the bank details of your customers/vendors. For example, you require the bank details of your customers/vendors for transfers, but not for clearing checks. Enter customer/vendor bank details in master records.

You can enter as many sets of bank details in master records as you want, both for your company codes and for your customers/vendors. You can determine the bank that is selected by:

· An explicit specification in the master record of the customer/vendor or in the open items. The specification in the item has higher priority.

· The payment program, which determines according to specified rules, the most suitable house bank or the optimal combination of house bank and customer/vendor's bank.

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