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Function documentation Selection of the Payment Method by the Payment Program Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Before every payment run you must specify which payment methods may be used in the payment run. If a payment method is specified in open items or in the master record of the customer/vendor and if that payment method is permitted for that payment run, the payment program selects this payment method. The payment method in the open items takes precedence over any payment method defined in the master record.

If several payment methods are specified in the master record and none in the item, then the payment program selects a payment method. The program checks (in the sequence in which you entered them) whether each of the payment methods you specified for the payment run can be used. To be able to be used, a payment method must satisfy the following conditions (among others):

If one of the specified payment methods meets all the above conditions, this payment method is used. Otherwise, the program carries out all the checks for the next payment method in the list you entered.


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