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On occasions, you might not want to send payment to a vendor (invoicing party) for a payable that exists.

In general, the payment recipient and the invoice issuer (vendor) are identical. However, a payment can also be effected for an alternative payee. For this to happen, you must first specify the alternative payee. In the standard system you can specify the alternative payee in the following ways:

The above information is listed in order of priority. For example, if an alternative payee is specified in open items, this has priority over the specification in the master record. The same applies to customers.

If you want to enter the alternative payee in the line item, the field Payee in document must be marked in the general data area of the vendor or customer master record. This makes it possible to enter the necessary master data for the payee by marking the field Alternative payee when posting to the customer or vendor account.


If you clear between customers and vendors, the payment program always uses the specifications from the vendor master record. No entries are contained for one-time accounts for the payment recipient in master data. These specifications are entered during the creation of a document. The payment program then determines the payee from the information given in the document line item. You must enter the possible payment methods in the master record of the one-time account.




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