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If one company code pays centrally for others in your organization, all the open items of a customer/vendor that exist in several company codes are paid together, provided:



The paying company code is the one that settles the open items; the postings to the bank accounts and sub-accounts are made to this company code.

Either the paying or the "sending" company code (i.e. the company code against which the receivable exists) can function as the sending company code:


Company code 0001 pays additionally for company codes 0002 and 0003. Company code 0001 should be entered for itself as both paying and sending company code in this situation. For company codes 0001 and 0002, company code 0001 is the paying company code. The company codes themselves are entered as the sending company codes. This ensures that a separate payment is made for each sending company code. The sending company codes are listed in the notes in the payment advice notes.

The standard forms for the payment advice and the check with payment advice contain a separate text element for the note on the sending company code. If you define your own forms, and want such a note, you must add this text element to them.



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