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You can use grouping keys to group together the open items of a customer or vendor that should be paid together.

A grouping key is used for example during loan management, when automatic debit at the vendor is carried out separately according to loan numbers.


  1. You define the required grouping key in the IMG for Financial Accounting under Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ® Business Transactions ® Outgoing Payments ® Automatic Outgoing Payments ® Payment Method/Bank Selection for Payment Program ® Define Payment Groupings.
  2. Enter the required grouping key in the vendor and customer master records for which you wish to group open items.

To do this, in the vendor or customer master record, select Company code data ® Payment transactions and enter the required grouping key in the Grouping key Field.


When you define a grouping key, you must specify a maximum of three fields from table BSIK (vendors) or table BSID (customers). Those open items for which the contents of these fields match are grouped together.



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