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When configuring the payment program, you specify the company codes that are involved in automatic payments and also which company code makes the payments (paying company code).

General Company Code Specifications

For each company code using the payment program, some general information is required, i.e. information that is not specifically linked to a payment method. For example, you specify which special G/L transactions are included in the payment run (see the figure below, (1)).

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In some organizations, one company code carries out the payment transactions centrally on behalf of several company codes. Consequently, you must specify the paying company code for each company code (see the figure above, (2)). This specification is also required even if you do not make payments centrally; In this case the paying company code you enter is identical to the company code. For more information on this, see Cross-Company Code Payments.

Specifications for the Paying Company Code

You specify how the paying company code makes the payment (see the figure below, (1)). Here, for example, you specify minimum amounts for incoming and outgoing payments. The payment program only makes a payment for the company code if the payment is within the amount limit set.

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Further amount limits can be set for the payment method. (See Company Code-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Graphic (1)). The narrower range always applies.






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