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You can carry out a payment run for different company codes, payment methods, and business partners even though different forms or data carriers may have to be printed or created for each payment method and company code. You can specify this later by entering selection variants for the data medium print programs.

The variants contain a series of selection criteria that are used to separate the data in the print data set. Separate print jobs are created in print administration for each variant called up from a data medium print program. Each print request is displayed in print management with the form description. See Country-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Graphic (4). You can call up the print jobs individually for printing.


You carry out the payment run for the payment methods "check" and "order check". The payment program creates a print file for this payment run. Since each payment method uses specific forms, you define a separate selection variant for each payment method for the print program RFFOD__S. The system places a print request in print administration for each variant (see the figure below).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You define the selection variants when you configure the payment program. You can define as many variants as you require for each print program but you must define at least one.

Besides the company code and the payment method, you can use other selection criteria for each variant:

You make certain printing specifications for each variant. These include:

You can also define variants for those programs created by the payment list, the payment proposal list, and the exception list. Variants are not absolutely necessary for these programs.






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