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Procedure documentation Creating Variants Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You must create at least one selection variant for every print report. You specify this variant later (for the payment form print run) when entering the parameters for a payment run.

In order to define a variant proceed from the initial SAP menu as follows:

  1. Choose System ® Services ® Reporting. The ABAP/4 Program Development screen appears.
  2. Enter the report name, for example RFFOD__S , and then select Goto ® Variants.
  3. You reach the screen for processing your variant. The report name has been transferred.

  4. Enter a name for the new variants and select Variants ® Create.
  5. The screen for entering the selection criteria and the specifications appears.

  6. Enter your criteria and make your specifications. Then press the CONTINUE push-button.
    You reach the screen for maintaining variant values. Enter a short description of the variants in the Meaning field.
  7. Save your variant by selecting Variant ® Save.


Leave the Run date and Identification fields in your variants free. These fields are filled dynamically when the program is run.




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