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You determine your standard texts for letter header, sender and footer when you carry out the following steps from the initial SAP menu:

  1. Select Tools ® Word processing ® Standard text.
  2. You reach the initial screen for word processing.

  3. Specify the name of the text and select Standard text ® Create/change.
  4. You reach a screen for text entry.

Further information for changing or entering standard texts can be found in the documentation for SAPScript word processing.

You can specify the standard texts directly in the text elements if you are not using different texts for different company codes.

To specify the standard texts for each company code, carry out the following steps in Customizing for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable:

  1. Choose Configure payment program.
  2. You reach the initial screen for the configuration of the payment program.

  3. Choose Company codes ® Paying.
  4. A list of the paying company codes is displayed.

  5. Select the company code you require.
  6. Choose Goto ® Sender details.
  7. Enter the names of the standard texts for letter header, sender and footer.
  8. Save your entries by choosing Company codes ® Save.

If you use company-code-dependent standard texts, you must specify the corresponding symbols in the text element for the print program (see the table below).

Symbols for Standard Texts

Standard text for

Symbols in the Text Element

Letter header


Sender in the letter window







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