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Procedure documentation How to Adapt a Form Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you cannot use the standard forms in the SAP system, you must create your own forms. You can do this by copying the standard forms and modifying them where necessary.

Carry out the following steps from the initial SAP menu:

  1. Choose Tools ® Word processing ® Layout sets.
  2. You reach the initial screen for word processing.

  3. Specify the name of your form and select Create/change.
  4. Your forms should begin with the letter " Z". This is a protected name format that is not used by SAP.

  5. A dialog box appears. Here you enter a customer development class or specify that you will be using a local private object.
  6. You reach the display of the general definitions for the form.

From here, you can transfer specifications and text elements from another form (e.g. the SAP standard form) into your form.

To do so, choose Layout set ® Copy from. Via the entry Goto you can select the required specifications for your form.

Further information about how to adapt a form can be found in the documentation for SAPScript word processing.




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