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The MAIN window contains a series of text elements. Each element is indicated by /E in the format column and a number in the text area (see the figure below). The print program will then print these text elements in the form, providing they are defined in the print data set.


You define text for order checks and checks in the check form. If the print dataset contains information for the payment method "check", the program uses the text for checks.

The following table contains some text elements for a check form from the MAIN window.

Text elements in the MAIN window



Text for order checks


Pre-numbered checks


Text for checks


Heading for line item information


Line item information

By using various text elements, you can use the same basic forms for similar payment methods, differentiating them simply by inserting different text elements (specific to the payment method being used) in the MAIN window. The print program determines the correct text element on the basis of the specifications stored under the payment method being used. As an example, the figure below shows how the text elements are defined for the MAIN window in the check form.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you want to define your own form and use text elements specific to the payment method, you should keep to the following conventions when creating the text element name:

For the forms, the print program always uses the text elements that have been specified for the payment method in question. Text elements that are to be printed out for all payment methods which use this form should be entered as a three-digit number only.

The text elements that can be used for forms are already defined in the system. All that you can change for each text element is the text. You can formulate this as you wish. You can find further information in the documentation for the individual print programs.






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