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A payment form is not usually longer than one page. In the SAP System, the form page is divided into different windows.

The figure Payment Form Components: Graphic shows some of the text windows defined for checks in Germany. These are:

Text Window for Checks




Company specifications, such as the company name or the company logo


Page number


Date, document number, your account with the vendor, clerk etc.


Sender specifications for window envelopes and receiver address


Text, line item information from the payment run and total amount


Carry forward, starting from the second page (where form is longer than one page) form overflow




Check address


Amount in words


Check form summary

You determine the windows and their position on the page when defining a form. You enter a specific text for each window. This text is referred to as a text element.

You can enter various different texts for the HEADER, ADDRESS, and FOOTER windows, and the opening/closing form in the MAIN window for each company code. See Header, Sender, and Footer Text

The MAIN window is processed in a special way. You can define several text elements for this window. The text elements allow you to enter different texts for a window, which are then printed (depending on the print data set offered by the payment program). Read Text Elements in the MAIN Window

For information that the system fills in automatically at the time of the payment run, you define symbols in the text element. These are replaced by the appropriate data when the payment form is printed. In the MAIN window (see the figure Check Forms: An Example) you can see, for example, the document number of each open item or the cash discount amount calculated for the invoice amount. In both cases, the information is not entered in the form until the payment run takes place. Symbols were entered in the text element to represent this data.

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