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Various programs are available for printing payment forms. In some cases, the print programs are country-specific. You specify the program to used for a payment method when you make the country specifications for the payment method. See Country-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Graphic (4) This prevents the payment program from selecting the wrong print program when printing is carried out.

You also specify a name for the print job in print administration, under which the data for the payment transfer is stored temporarily. See Country-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Graphic (4)

To ensure that the programs print the forms correctly, the system specifies which data is printed in which position. The form layout is defined with SAPScript. You specify the name of the defined payment form when you make the company code specifications for the payment method. See the figure below, (1). You also determine how many invoice items can be printed out in the part of the form which serves as the note to the payee. See the figure below, (2). If more items are to be paid than can be listed on a form, you specify whether

You also store the address data of the issuer of the form. See the figure below, (5). This data is used by the print program.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You define the form that is used for printing a payment advice separately. You then specify this form when making the specifications for the paying company code. See Specifications for the Paying Company Code in the topic "Definition of the Paying Company Code" in Payment Program Settings.

The standard system contains pre-defined forms for the standard payment methods. You can copy them and adapt them to your requirements.




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