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Background documentation Payment Method: Additional Specifications Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can define additional specifications (Mailstop codes) for each company code. The payment program groups payments according to these specifications. A separate payment will be carried out for each additional specification made. In the payment medium programs, you can select and sort where needed according to an additional specification. Correspondence can also be sorted using this criterion.

You can define proposed values for the additional payment method specifications in the customer and vendor master records. During data entry, these values will be displayed as defaults that can be selected or overwritten.

As an example, you can use additional specifications for controlling the issuing of checks. The specification could divert checks to be sent to partner firms by interoffice mail, instead of through the postal system. There are various possible internal distribution channels here too. Each internal distribution channel can be represented by a payment method supplement. This will greatly simplify operations with multiple mail systems, since checks can be separated by additional payment method specification at the time of printing.



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