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Background documentation Company Code Specifications for the Payment Method Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The conditions under which each payment method is used must be defined for each company code that makes payments. ( Company Code-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Graphic shows those specifications that are used for the payment method "check" in Germany).

You can also specify particular currencies per payment method and country. If this payment method is selected, payments are only processed in one of the currencies specified.

If you wish to define particular currencies, choose the function Currencies in the country-specific details for each payment method.


If the payment method allows only payments in local currency, then any foreign currencies you may have defined are ignored.



For the payment method "check", you do not specify any minimum amount limits since this payment method is used if other payment methods cannot be used. You must specify a maximum amount because otherwise the payment method cannot be used. The customer or vendor can be located abroad. The customer/vendor’s bank is irrelevant for check payments. Foreign payment transactions are therefore possible. Payments in foreign currencies are permitted.




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