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Background documentation Country-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The payment methods that are used in at least one of your organization's company codes are defined as follows. Country-Specific Definitions for the Payment Method: Diagram shows those specifications that are used for the payment method “Check” in Germany.

You classify a payment method by selecting the characteristics that are to apply to it (see (1) of the diagram). The program uses this information to determine the data required for the payment forms and data carriers.

You must also define which information from the customer/vendor master record is to be used to determine the payment method (see (2) of the diagram). If this information is missing from the customer/vendor master record, the payment method cannot be used.


In the standard system, the payment method "check"  (for Germany) is configured such that a check is created (classification). The street or P.O. Box must be contained in the customer or vendor master record.

These specifications are supplemented with other specifications for posting the payment documents and printing the forms (3) and (4).


For the payment method "check", you specify for example that document type KA is used and the print program RFFOD_S.

All the payment medium programs are documented in detail in the language of the country of use. If you want to have the system list all the standard payment medium programs available, proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose System ® Services ® Reporting. Enter RFFO* and select the function Utilities ® Find.

       2.      Enter FORD in the Program category field and execute the search. The system will generate a list of all payment medium programs in the system. The name of each program gives you an indication of its purpose.



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