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The payment method specifies the procedure, such as check, transfer or bill of exchange, by which payments are made.

The following payment methods are usual in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable:

Payment Methods in the System

Accounts payable

Accounts receivable


Bank collection


Bank Direct Debit

Postal giro transfer

Refund by check

Bills of Exchange

Refund by bank transfer

Check/bill of exchange

Bank bills

Bill of exchange payment request


You define the payment methods in two steps:


       1.      You first make all the specifications that are required for each payment method in each country. This is necessary for all the payment methods used by your organization in each country. If you have companies (company codes) in Germany, France and the USA for example, you define the payment method "check" for each country.

       2.      You then define the payment methods you use for each company code. When in this configuration function, you also specify the conditions of their use.

For more information, see Notes for the Payment Method



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