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Process documentation How the Payment Program Works Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


With the payment program you can process international payment transactions involving your customers and vendors.


The Payment Methods, House Banks, and Forms you use must be defined or adapted before the payment run is executed.

If the above-mentioned steps are to be carried out automatically, the payment program requires the following information:

You set the rules for controlling the payment program

You can find further information in Payment Program Settings

Process Flow

The program processes open items in three steps (see the figure Processing Open Items):

  1. It determines the open items to be paid and creates a proposal list. You can process the proposal list on-line. Among other things, you can change payment methods or banks, block items, or cancel payment blocks.
  2. The payment program carries out payment using the proposal list. The payment run includes only the open items contained in the proposal list. The payment program posts documents and provides the data for the form printout and for creating the data carriers, the payment advice notes and the payment summaries.
  3. It uses the print program to print the forms and create the data carriers.




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