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The Sales Returns component is used to manage full products in the consumer products industry (for example, in the beverage industry) that the customer has returned due to a complaint. The complaints are all related to quality defects, not incorrect deliveries. The path that the returned merchandise takes often has to be tracked in detail – for example, returned beer first has to be sent to a lab (e.g. in a brewery) for inspection. Once the analysis of the returned merchandise is complete, the vendor or manufacturer determines

·        The status of the merchandise and whether it can be reused

·        Whether the customer will be credited for the merchandise and, if so, in what amount

In practice, there is a time delay between entering the returns in the system, the analysis, and settlement. The Sales Returns component gives you an overview of your physical warehouse stocks and the corresponding postings whenever you require.

Implementation notes


·        You maintain the document types, item categories, and so on for the sales documents in SAP SD Customizing (Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Sales Documents ® Sales Document Header or Sales Document Item). You can only use the existing definitions in Customizing for sales returns processing (Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Sales Returns)

·        You can use BAdIs (Business Add-Ins) to modify data and process flows in sales returns processing. Interface class /BEV1/SR_BADI is supplied with the Sales Returns module for this purpose. The procedure is the same as in SAP R/3.

·        Use Transaction SE19 (Business Add-Ins: Implementations) to implement your modified interface class /BEV1/SR_BADI. For more information on interface classes and their methods, please refer to the interface documentation.

·        Configuration of the following Customizing tables is required:

¡        Document types for sales returns

¡        Analysis key

¡        Refunding key

¡        Assign Analysis Key to Item Categories


The Sales Returns component offers the following functions:

·        You can enter sales returns with or without a reference to a previous sales (return) document. You can use the driver’s return delivery note, for example, as a template.

·        The system provides the order items from the sales returns document as a template for entering the results of the analysis. You can therefore see which materials are pending for analysis and in which amounts.

·        You can link the results of the analyses with the entered order items from the sales returns document – individually or jointly, in full or partial quantities – and settle them immediately in the system.

·        You can create an empties credit memo before the results of the analysis are available. The system generates a credit memo for the customer for the deposit value of the empties as soon as the allegedly defective merchandise is returned. Because the empties do not usually have any defects, you can credit the customer with the deposit value of the allegedly defective merchandise in advance.

·        The system checks whether your entries for the analysis items are permissible.

·        The system generates logs and updates the document flows that map the current status of sales returns processing.

·        The system generates the appropriate credit memos (SAP SD documents) and documents for warehouse stock postings (SAP MM documents) based on the results of the analysis. The system can create the documents immediately or later in background processing. If problems occur during background processing, you are notified via express mail.




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