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Some data (stocks and certain valuation data such as total value, total stock, valuation class, price control indicator, and price unit) is managed by period. For values and goods movements to be posted to the correct period, the period must be set whenever a new period starts. This is done with the period closing program RMMMPERI.


When the system is in operation, you normally run the period closing program once a month at the beginning of a new period. You can run it in one of the following modes:

To run it in the background, you need to do the following:

For information on selection variants, see the SAP library documentation ABAP Workbench Tools (BC-DWB-TOO) Structure link Variants.

For information on background processing and on how to schedule a job to be run at regular intervals, see the SAP library documentation Computing Center Management System (BC-CCM) Structure link Background Processing: Concepts and Features.

Additional Information

Be sure to read the documentation for program RMMMPERI.

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