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  1. You create a kanban, the delivery date of which lies within a period of a defined time and for which there are not yet any summarized JIT calls.
  2. The system creates a summarized JIT call header and an item.

  3. You create another kanban.

- If the delivery date falls in the same period, the system attaches a second item onto the summarized JIT call header (on condition that the plant or the plant and the unloading point match).

- If the delivery date falls in a different period, then the system checks to see if there is already an appropriate summarized JIT call. If this is the case, the system attaches this requirement to the existing release. If this is not the case, then the system generates a new summarized JIT call with an item.


The summarized JIT call header contains the delivery date of the summarized JIT call. This deadline is dependent on the item with the earliest delivery date. The system automatically transfers the earliest deadline to the header.

Take for example a summarized JIT call, the header of which contains the delivery date 06.06.1999, 15.00. You now create a kanban with a delivery date of 06.06.1999, 14.30. If summarizing is possible (see requirements) and if the delivery date falls in the same period of the defined time, then the system attaches the requirement as an item to the summarized JIT call and takes on 06.06.1999 14.30 as the delivery date for the summarized JIT call.







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