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The XSLT Editor is a tool integrated in the workbench that allows you to define XSL transformations that are executed on the application server. XML documents can then be transformed into other XML or HTML documents, or into ABAP data structures. An XSLT program is required as repository object for defining the transformation rules.

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Use of the XMLT Editor assumes knowledge of XSL. Support during implementation is currently limited to the basic functions.


The XSLT Editor is a development tool that is completely integrated in the Workbench. The development objects created here, called XSLT programs, are stored in the R/3 Repository and linked to the Transport Organizer.

Calling the XSLT Editor

First start the Object Navigator (SE80), then select the package in the Repository Browser and double-click the required XSLT program under XSLT Transformations.



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