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It is possible to cater for internal warehouse replenishment during transfer order confirmation. In this case, a transfer order is created immediately. This means it is no longer necessary to create a transfer requirement. A verification notice to the creator of the transfer order confirmation is not required, but this is transmitted to the previously defined partner if problems occur.


In the Implementation Guide under the activity Define Stock Transfer and Replenishment Control<DS:SIMG.SIMG_XXMENUOLML09>Einführungsleitfaden ( Logistics Execution à Warehouse Management à Activities à Transfers), you can decide which replenishment method you wish to use. You can set the replenishment technique in connection with the warehouse number and the storage type. There you can also define which user is to be notified by mail if errors occur.


Determination of replenishment quantities:

Create a minimum quantity and a maximum quantity for the stock in the storage type view. If the stock falls below the minimum quantity, replenishment is initiated.

Immediate TO creation is possible for fixed bins and for random bin management.

1. Immediate TO Creation for Fixed Bins

With this replenishment strategy, the system checks the stock situation in the bin during transfer order confirmation. It uses the quant data and the material master data from the storage type view. A replenishment transfer order determines the fixed storage bin of the material in this storage type as the destination storage bin.

2. Immediate TO Creation Random Bin Management

With this replenishment strategy, the system checks the stock situation of the material in the entire storage type during transfer order confirmation. All the quant data of the material in this storage type and the material master data from the storage type view are used by the system. If the entire stock in this storage type falls below the minimum quantity after transfer confirmation, the system creates a replenishment transfer order. The destination storage bin is determined through the putaway strategy for this storage type. Maintenance of a fixed storage bin is therefore not required in the storage type view of the material master.

As soon as you have defined one of the two replenishment strategies, immediate TO creation takes place during confirmation of the transfer order. If two-step confirmation is active for a transfer order, the replenishment transfer order is created when the picking step is confirmed.

Replenishment reports:

If you have define a new fixed bin, you should use the report RLLNACH1 to create the first replenishment. After you have run the report, picking should only be commenced again in the fixed storage type when the replenishment transfer requirements have been converted into transfer orders. Otherwise it is possible that too much replenishment is requested.

The same applies to the replenishment report RLLNACH4, which you can use for random bin management.



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