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If you carry out an inventory in your warehouse for materials subject to batch management, or for special stocks, you do not only compare the material stock in the storage bin with the data managed in the system.

You also check whether the batch or special stock information in the system matches the actual batch or special stock in the storage bin.


The material to inventory is managed as a batch or as special stock.


You take inventory for batch-managed material or special stocks in the same way as for materials without batch or special stock information. You also enter the batch or the special stock of the counted material when you enter the count results.

During the inventory, if you enter a batch that does not yet exist or a special stock that does not yet exist, the system issues a corresponding warning message. However, you can skip over this warning message, and enter the material with the unknown batch or unknown special stock in the Warehouse Management system as a material found during the inventory.


You cannot clear an unknown batch or unknown special stock as an inventory difference to Inventory Management (MM-IM).

Enter the new batch or new special stock before you clear the material found to Inventory Management.



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