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Note SAP Records Management is not a component of the SAP Web Application Server. It is a separate component that requires its own license.


SAP Records Management is a system for the electronic management of records. By converting from paper records to electronic records, you can enjoy all the advantages of a paperless office:

         No storage costs for records

         No time-consuming and expensive copying procedures

         No physical transport of records

         Optimal retrieval of information

         Decentralized and faster access to all parts of a record

         Simultaneous read access to a document for more than one person

         Immediate document processing using electronic office communication tools.

SAP Records Management not only provides an electronic representation of the conventional paper record, but also offers functions that far exceed those available for conventional records management. In addition to electronic documents, Records Management can also integrate the following electronic elements:

         SAP business objects

         SAP Business Workflows

         SAP reports

         SAP transactions

         SAP infotypes

         SAP ArchiveLink documents

         Internet/Intranet pages

         Administration data for paper documents

Elements can originate either from the local SAP system, from other SAP systems, or even from non-SAP systems.

These integration capabilities provide a complete view of a business process, and quick access to information. By integrating SAP Business Workflow, you have the option to use the record as a starting point for efficient process control.


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