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By specifying an EDI connection to a business partner, you can eliminate the need to print out payment advice notes for the payment medium and forward the information about paid items electronically via EDI. This means the information can be sent to the partner faster than before. The data can be processed automatically by the business partner.



On the vendor/customer side, the indicator Payment advice via EDI (company code data/payment transactions) must be selected in master record maintenance.

As ISO codes are used for the EDI transmission, the tables for converting the SAP codes into ISO codes for currency, unit of measure and country must also be maintained in customizing.

You can find more information in the IMG under Global settings in the following sections: Define countries, Check currency codes and Check units of measurement.

IDoc Interface

The following values must be maintained in the outbound partner profiles (general outbound parameters):



Message category


Partner type

LI (vendor)

Basic type






If shipping is configured to take place via EDI, all payment medium programs send their information electronically. These programs check automatically whether the business partner should receive an EDI note or whether the note is to be printed. If the note is printed, the partner only receives a note when the information cannot be sent via the payment medium. In the case of an EDI note, in contrast, a note is always created.


It may be that a note has to be sent again.

Normally, the note is printed again as the reports for payment medium creation are restarted. This is not possible in the case of EDI because the information may have already been sent to one or more partners. To send EDI notes again, you must use report RFFOEDI0.



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