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You can have the system further process electronically transferred advice notes automatically. These notes may originate from a business partner (as in the case of payment advice notes and those notifying of direct debits and automatic debits) or from a bank (as in the case of credit memos/debit memos).

Payment advice notes are stored in the advice note database and can then be used to clear open items. Automatic further processing can include:

Even if a given item cannot be cleared, the amount is still credited to the relevant account. Using report RFAVIS40, you can process these amounts using the payment advice note (original payment advice note plus payment on account line item).

The transaction code that you enter determines whether the payment advice note data is only written to the advice note database or if it is subject to automatic further processing (see also section on IDoc interface).


Application Component

To be able to process an incoming payment advice note using EDI, the system requires a company code.

The system can determine the correct company code from the bank details that your business partner provides.

If they do not supply these details, you must assign the external name of your company to a company code (in Customizing). To do so, in Customizing for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, choose Business Transactions ® Incoming Payments ® Electronic Incoming Payments ® Payment Advice Notes ® Assign Company Code for EDI Payment Advice Notes

The conversion table for converting the name of your company to the transferred company code is also found in this activity.

Since ISO codes can be transferred using EDI, your Customizing entries for the conversion of SAP codes into ISO codes for currencies, units of measurement, and countries must be entered in full and contain no errors.

For more information, refer to Global Settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG) and the activities Set Countries, Check Currency Codes, Check Units of Measurement

You define further processing activities like generating a payment advice note in Cash Management, automatically clearing open items in Customizing for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable under Business Transactions ® Incoming Payments ® Electronic Incoming Payments ® Payment Advice Notes ® Define Further Processing of Payment Advice Notes

IDoc interface

Enter the following values in the inbound partner profiles:




Incoming payment advice notes

Message type


Partner type


Process code

REMA (no further processing)

REMC (automatic further processing)

Credit memo display

Message type


Partner type


Process code

CREA (no further processing)

CREC (automatic further processing)

Debit memo display

Message type


Partner type


Process code

DEBA (no further processing)

DEBC (automatic further processing)


Dealing with exceptions

In case of error, you must assign a position to the standard output 7949 (REMADV_Error). If errors per EDI partner are to processed by different clerks (positions), you can make the necessary settings for this under the EDI partner profile.


The clerk entered in the EDI partner profile must also be assigned to the organizational unit (the position for example) that is entered for the standard task. If not, this task must be classed as a general task.


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