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After proof of delivery has been confirmed, the system creates a worklist for manual subsequent processing for necessary quantity and value corrections (cost of sales, for example). You can select from this list according to various criteria (reason for variance, POD date, material, to name a few). You can also use this worklist as a tool for statistical analyses.


  1. From shipping, choose Proof of delivery ® Worklist POD subsequent processing.

The Proof of delivery: items with difference quantities screen appears.

The selection screen for the POD subsequent processing worklist is divided into two sections:

You can select your worklist according to variance reason, POD date or POD verification date, for example.

The system flags an item with differences for subsequent processing (manual value and quantity corrections) by using two indicators. Both may have the following attributes:


Within the list, these three attributes are illustrated with the following icons:

  1. After entering your selection criteria, choose Execute.

A list of all items with varying quantities or values appears. You can sort within this list of items according to reasons (for statistical analyses), as an example.

  1. Based on this worklist, you can carry out any necessary corrections manually.

Once you are finished making manual corrections, confirm these steps in the worklist by clicking on the corresponding icon. The colors of the icons in the list will change. After the icons have changed color, the deliveries in question can be archived.

There are no corrections made automatically based on the POD confirmation.


If no manual corrections are to be made or the subsequent processing is completed suddenly, you can set the status of the entire worklist to complete by using the corresponding button in the button bar. The delivery can now be archived.





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