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  1. From shipping, choose Proof of Delivery ® Worklist Outbound Deliveries for POD.

The selection screen is divided into three sections:

Enter the POD confirmation date and time here. The system automatically enters the current date and time as a default.

Result: This data is carried over into the selected list as deliveries not yet processed.

You can select according to criteria such as shipping point, route, actual goods movement date, POD date or delivery number.

  1. A worklist according to your selection criteria is displayed, which you can edit using the following options:

Change single documents

  1. On the POD - Worklist screen, choose Goto ® Process delivery.

The delivery appears with its corresponding difference quantities and reasons for deviation.

POD status may have the following attributes:


  1. Enter the difference quantities in either delivery units or stockkeeping units.
  1. Enter a reason for deviation.

You can predefine up to 10 reasons with various quantities per delivery item in the Quantity Distribution per Item screen, which you can access by choosing Detail... in the item line.


The POD quantity is calculated from the delivery quantity and the difference quantity using a calculation indicator (+ or –) that is stored in Customizing for each reason. The data you enter can be saved at any time.

  1. Confirm the verified differences and deviation reasons by choosing Confirm proof of delivery. If you carry out the confirmation process from the list, the POD time frame is not taken into account and all the outbound deliveries in the display that you have selected are confirmed.


You can confirm the POD either immediately or later on. POD can be confirmed in each individual document (as explained above) or for multiple deliveries directly from the worklist. Only after confirmation has been completed can you initiate subsequent processing caused by differences that occurred or creation of a billing document with an adjusted POD quantity. You may not create billing documents using the billing due list until the POD confirmation has been completed.

If you want to cancel a confirmation, choose Cancel proof of delivery. Then, you can change the difference quantities and reasons and re-confirm, if necessary. You can only cancel the POD confirmation if billing documents have not yet been created and if no subsequent processing steps for value or quantity correction have been taken. Therefore, you have the option of changing or adding to quantities or deviation reasons after confirmation is officially completed.



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