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The RF monitor has a user-friendly interface which utilizes Drag&Drop functionality. The interface comprises of the following areas:

Navigation Area

The navigation area, located on the left side of the monitor, is a navigation area consisting of the various queues, assigned TOs and users (agents). The navigation area also displays the following queue attributes:

  1. Total number of TOs
  1. Total number of agents
  1. Proportion

The proportion signifies the workload for agents/users and is calculated by dividing the number of TOs by the number of agents. The traffic lights represent the workload situation:


You define the lower and upper thresholds in Customizing for Logistics Execution ® Mobile Data Entry ® RF Queue Management ® Define Queues.

Using the navigation area, you can also assign TOs and agents to queues, as well as forward TOs to other queues.


The ALV, located on the right side of the monitor, contains fields of TO and user records for a particular queue. You can also change the processing priorities of TOs from the ALV.

This area is synchronized with the navigation area.

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