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For more information, see Performing Multilevel Material Price Determination.

For more information, see Allowing Closing Entries.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Controlling ® Actual Costing/Material Ledger ® Actual Costing ® Edit Costing Run.
  2. Under Process and Post Closing choose Parameters.
  3. Specify whether the system should revaluate the material stock for the period to be closed with the prices calculated in the material price determination.
  4. If you only want a single-level closing entry, first perform single-level material price determination and the closing entry immediately afterwards.

  5. Specify the processing option. You should perform the function in the background.


In the Accounting 1 view of the material master record, the periodic unit price for the previous period is displayed as the moving price (price control V).

The preliminary valuation price (standard price) remains unchanged and can continue to be displayed.

See the following for further information on postings: Example: Multilevel Price Determination

Example: Closing Entry

If you want to use the new prices as valuation prices for a future period, you must first mark these prices.



When you have finished the closing entry, recalculate the status data and choose Costing Results. Choose Display Material List with Filter ® Materials Still Open and make sure that all materials have been processed.

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