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There are two methods of carrying out a periodic actual costing:

The actual costing calculates the actual prices of the material stocks and consumption of the previous posting period. This does not affect the valuation of the current period.


  1. The material ledger is active
  2. The price determination indicator in the material master is set to 3.
  3. The price control indicator in the material master is set to S.


The actual costing uses the quantity structure to create a valuated actual quantity structure. This actual quantity structure is created in real-time based on actual goods movements. This function also includes the functionality of single-level price determination. During the closing entries, the system adjusts both the material stock accounts and the accounts in Financial Accounting from the previous period.



When carrying out a periodic actual costing SAP recommends you to use the costing run. You should only use the individual processing functions for postprocessing individual materials that are incorrect.


As an alternative, you can manage multilevel actual costing with the Structure link Schedule Manager. To do so, create a costing run and then use the Schedule Manager. First create a task group in the Schedule Manager. Then insert tasks under the task group. Select the tasks corresponding to the flow steps in the costing run.

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