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The material price determination can result in material differences that can not be allocated to higher costing levels. When executing period-end closing it can be useful to analyse the not distributed and the not included differences.

The Structure link price limiter quantity equals the inventory quantity, to which the differences that occurred in the period refer, and prevents the material price being distorted if there is a stock shortage. If the differences can not be covered by the cumulated inventory, not distributed differences occur. If you do want to distribute these not distributed differences from the price difference account to the inventory, you can set the price limiter quantity to zero. This can, however lead to a distortion of the material price. If distributing these differences would result in a negative price, then the differences remain in the price difference account. In addition to this you can clear the differences by posting a clearing entry to the price difference account, using Transaction MR22 Debit/Credit Material.

Not included differences arise after material price determination, if the single-level consumption could not be adjusted, or when differences occurred by multilevel consumption could not be completely allocated to higher levels.


If you use revaluation of single-level consumption, you can debit the differences to single level consumption and therefore credit the consumption side of the material. Doing this allows you to eliminate some of the not included differences.


The value flow monitor displays not distributed and not included differences as well as the status of the single- and multilevel material price determination. The following views are available: You can access the detailed view of not distributed price differences as well as the Structure link material price analysis from all views.

Detailed View: Not Distributed Price Differences

This view allows you to analyse the not distributed price and exchange rate differences.

In the subscreen Calculation you can see how the not distributed differences occurred.

In the subscreen Documents you can see which documents have been generated by the not distributed differences.


The Monitor view gives you a complete overview of the differences listed according to Valuation Area ® Plant ® Material.

Analysis: Not Distributed

The view allows you to investigate the materials, for which not distributed differences have occurred. You get an overview of materials whose differences could be distributed to the categories consumption and ending inventory if you deleted price limiter quantity. The following data will be displayed:

You can use this view to set the price limiter quantity for a material to zero, as long as this does not result in the price becoming negative.

Material List

Through adjusting the layout, you can filter and sort the display according to various materials or other criteria.

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