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To pack several deliveries for a shipment at once, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a shipment document or change an existing shipment document. To do so, start at the initial shipment menu.
  2. The initial screen for processing shipments appears. You can create or edit shipments here.

  3. Select Shipment ® Create or Shipment ® Change.
  4. The Change Shipment screen appears.

  5. In the shipment document, choose Goto ® Means of transport and packaging matl.
  6. If the items in these deliveries have not been fully packed, the deliveries of the shipment will be displayed in the Materials to be packed section of the screen with the individual items.

    If packing has already taken place in the delivery, the individual handling units are displayed and you can pack these further if necessary.

  7. Pack the desired delivery items or handling units. To pack in shipment documents, proceed exactly as with packing delivery items.


For more information, see Structure link Delivery item generation in the shipment.

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