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The material master record has been enhanced to store additional data relevant to materials in Brazilian company codes. The system primarily uses this information to determine the CFOP number, calculate relevant taxes, and generate the nota fiscal when you procure materials or transfer stock.  

The following data is contained on both the Foreign Trade Import and Foreign Trade Export tabs:

        Control code

This field contains the NCM code. The system enters this value when you create a purchase order, unless you have maintained a different NCM code in the material/vendor info record. You cannot also change the NCM code manually in the nota fiscal, and the system then recalculates the related taxes.

You can assign NCM codes to material groups in Customizing, under Cross-Application Components General Application Functions Nota Fiscal NCM Codes Assign to Material Groups.

        Material CFOP category

This field contains the CFOP category for the material, which the system uses to determine the CFOP code during nota fiscal generation.

The following fields, all of which are used to determine the CFOP code, can be found on the Accounting 2 tab:

        Material usage

Here you enter the intended usage of the material, for instance, consumption. 

        Material origin

This value specifies whether the material was produced in Brazil or imported.

        Produced in-house

If this indicator is set, the material was produced by the company (not procured externally).

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