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The RF solution supports the two screen formats (8x40/16x20) that are offered by most manufacturers of RF devices. The user exit function enables you to display other fields, according to your particular requirements, and also to implement other screen formats.



You can add fields that are available through standard transactions to the existing screens. Currently, these fields can only be used for display purposes.

Also, you can eliminate fields, which are part of the RF solution, from the display.

Changing the Screen Format

The RF transactions use logical screen numbers. User exit screens are built upon existing screens, but have a separate ID (physical screen number). This physical screen number is assigned to a logical screen and then implemented for users who are assigned to the same user exit class.

User exit screens are maintained in a separate user screen library.

The templates have been defined as part of the RF screen management environment in order to help the user with the development and logic of the specific screens. These screens are called "dummy" screens.

Changing the Screen Layout on Runtime

To change the screen layout on runtime, use the following screen layout modules:

Screen Selection in RF

The screens in the radio frequency transactions are divided into the following two main groups:

In each group, the screens are chosen dynamically, according to transfer order properties, such as activity and storage unit management.

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