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When you post payroll results to Accounting, all posting information from the payroll results is selected, summarized, formatted, and posted to the Accounting components.

For more information on the posting procedure and on business administration aspects, see the SAP Library for Payroll under Structure linkPosting to Accounting.

For more information, see Customizing for Payroll under Reporting for Posting to Accounting.


The posting documents created in a posting run in the Payroll component (PY) can be posted to the following components in Accounting:

Functions in the Payroll System

Functions in the Accounting System

Data Flow

Posting between systems from 4.0A

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Before each cross-system activity, the HR system determines the receiving system based on the entries in the distribution model. The read, write, and validation activities for posting the payroll posting documents run as follows:

  1. When the documents are created from the payroll results, data from the master data and from Customizing for Accounting is read synchronously to Accounting using BAPIs.
  2. When posting is triggered, the following occurs:
    1. The document data is checked against the Accounting data either locally or remotely using synchronous BAPIs.
    2. Each document is transferred asynchronously to the Accounting system using the ALE layer.
  1. The data is posted to Accounting.



The following tables in the AC system must be replicated in the HR system.

In ALE Customizing, you must specify the objects and methods that run in a different accounting system (under Basis ® Application Link Enabling (ALE) ® Modeling and Implementing Business Processes ® Maintain Distribution Model and Distribute Views).

For a list of objects and methods as well as details on the procedures, see Customizing under Cross-Application Components ® Predefined ALE Processes ® Human Resources ® HR <-> AC ® Posting Payroll Results to Accounting ® Set Up HR and AC from Release 4.0A Scenario.

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